Pacar Hantu Perawan DVDRip 2011

Info: Film Indonesia
Release Date: 6 Oktober 2011
Genre: Horror
Cast: Dewi Persik, Olga Syahputra, Jonathan Frizzy, Vicky Vette, Misa Campo
Quality: DVDRip
Vicky (Vicky Vette), Mandy (and personal), mass (Misa Campo), are brothers by a venter. One day a friend and manager, Joyce Mandy (Natha Narita), and a beautiful forest with his friend Alex (Rafi Cinoun), was completed to go along with. It is a fountain that supposedly memperekat pair, because the place, "Forest Jodoh" was a pseudonym. Rain water is always available to have a mate who is soon. Joyce and Alex found himself in a ritual bath.
Cover items such as Mandy did not believe that. He termed it a ritual performance was not looking for a mate. But, when they built the camp around the forest, met Mandy and Romy (Jonathan Frizzy) became known. They are mutually attracted and fall in love.
OPA Mandy died suddenly. Mandy was very lost. But he felt comforted by Romy really together. Mandy likes of Romi. But the weirdness that Mandy suffered a terrible weirdness. But Mandy did not realize it. Whoever it was, in fact, a pair of Joyce and Alex.
Yoga (Olga Syahputra) It says something about the strangeness and mystery. But, allowing that to happen peculiarities Mandy Joyce and Alex? Rescue Vicky and their siblings can decide what's popular? All reflected in the story, "BOYFRIENDS Virgin ghosts" want to know. In a thrilling at the same time, long, beautiful and seductive, erotic, it is fun

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